Basic types of cisterns:

1. A motor-car cistern is for transportation of liquid loads without a temperature condition.

This type of tank-cars is intended for transportations of liquid loads at a temperature above zero, has a metallic corps. In this tank-car the temperature of load is not supported. Mainly intended for transportation of molasses.

2. Motor-car isotherms of cistern.

This tank-car keeps the temperature of load during 24 hours from the moment of the complete loading. The losses of temperature during transportation fold 1-3 degrees on Celcius for every time of transporting.

3. Motor-car isotherms of cistern steam-jacketed.

Such cistern is all characteristics, as well as motor-car isotherms of cistern. As she is additionally equipped by a "steam shirt" there is possibility of heating of load, if a load has a too subzero temperature of и can not be continuous on вигрузці. Heating of load takes place by means of hot pair and at presence of serve of such pair on the enterprise.

4. A motor-car cistern with the autonomous heating.

The tank-car of such class has the special equipment for maintenance of temperature condition during all process of transportation.

5. Motor-car cisterns are intended for transportation of dangerous loads.

Such tank-cars behave to the cisterns of ADR of classes from 1 to 9. They are intended for transporting of dangerous loads in obedience to a commodity koda.